Dirty John: your latest crime podcast obsession

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. And recently I’ve been binge-listening to crime podcasts. This week I caught up on the strange but compelling series, called Finding Emma Fillipof, where a then 26-year-old Emma is last seen standing barefoot outside a hotel in Candana in November. She still hasn’t been found. While looking for more, I stumbled across Dirty John, which is being dubbed “the best podcast since Serial”. And that’s a lot to live up to because Serial is the golden standard.

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Dirty John follows the story of Debrah Newell an interior decorator who falls in love with John Mehaan an anesthesiologist after meeting on a dating site. John turns out to be one of the creepiest significant others ever.

This 6 part series will make you wonder about every bad date you’ve ever been on. You’ll be hooked from the first minute and unlike Serial, you’ll be left with no questions. Dirty John wraps up the entire story which is satisfying as many podcasts leave you hanging.

Listen to the first episode of Dirty John here

Produced by the LA Times, Dirty John also has a written component that you read while listening to the podcast or on its own. 

One thing that did put me off was the ads during the podcasts. Hire the right person using the promo code Dirty John… umm OK.

dirty john

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Here are some reactions from Twitter so far

It is a gripping story but you will have a lot of “Noooo, don’t do it” moments.

Listen to the first episode of Dirty John here

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