Horse mustaches are a real thing that you have to see

Even though Tuesday was a fake Monday, this week has felt loooong. But luckily I found out that horses can grow mustaches so that made it all OK. I’ve tested out a Bytesized video so you can get your weekly dose in even shorter form. And if you like what you see, check out the snippets below for more details.

Take all my money

My favourite chocolate Twix has released a spread. You can now spread melted Twix all over your toast, ice cream or anything really. It will probably cost more than the going rate of an avo right now, but it will be worth it.

twix spread
Apparently this has been available in the UK for a while now, and that some grocery stores stock it here in SA.

Some horses can grow mustaches

Some horses, male or female carry this gene that allows them to not only have luscious manes but also gives them the ability to grow a mustache. Horse mustaches are a thing and they are wonderful.

horse mustache 1

#horsemustache #evilgenius

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I wonder if he has a guitar #horsemustache

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Pennywise from IT can dance to any song

Follow this account to watch the clown from IT do the same creepy AF dance to any song. Hey Ya has to be my favourite.


Twitter reacts to the new 280 character limit

You can always count on Twitter to deliver, even if the news is Twitter related.


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I’m going to leave you with this…

If you have weekend plans, cancel them now because a selfie microphone in these pimping colours could be yours for under R400.

selfie microphone


ICYMI:  Get a dad bod, because why not

Bringing sexy back: dadbag


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