Bellboy Bluetooth Earphones Review

I mainly use earphones at work to listen to music when I’m doing what I call home affairs work (repetitive tasks that don’t require brainpower) and I usually have the same song on repeat. I also use them when I’m eating lunch and want to catch up John Oliver or JP Sears or when I exercise.

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For me earphones need to fit nicely into my ears, not get knotted when I need to use them and sound great. When the Bellboy Bluetooth Earphones landed on my desk, I was excited to test them out. Why? Because that long chord was gone.

No strings attached

With these headphones that annoying long chord that always gets knotted (even if you wrap it around something neatly) is gone. I put them in my backpack without rolling them up and was able to grab them later and they were perfectly untangled. The earphones easily paired with the all of the devices I tested it out on.


It’s all under (remote) control

The remote control is easily accessed and you get used to the controls quickly. Change songs, pause and crank up the volume really easily. No need to look at your phone to change songs. In my opinion the remote control console is a bit heavy, but you get used to it quickly.

This is also where the micro USB charger is hidden. The only downside for me is that although they charge really quickly, you only get about 3 hours of continuous listening before you need to recharge them.

Right on the money

Earphones usually come free with a new phone or start at R49 and can go up to R3000 if you want to get some Beats by Dre. The Bellboy Bluetooth Earphones are available from Happy Wallet for R499, which for the sound quality and no long chord, is in my opinion worth it.

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Disclaimer: I was given the Bellboy Bluetooth Earphones to test from Happy Wallet. I’m sad to see them go, but they now go back home. 

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