The best superhero movies to feature a Solar Eclipse


If you’ve visited this blog enough you’ll know that I’m pretty much in love with New York. I’ve been to that city twice and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I don’t know if it had something to do with the fact that I’ve grown up seeing that city in movies and TV shows but New York has always been on my bucket list. More so, after visiting the first time I’m obsessed with the energy of the place. Everything just seems bigger, brighter and more exciting.

So imagine how I nerded out when I found out New York was going to experience a solar eclipse!

top of the rock new york

Solar Eclipses are all sorts of awesome, weird and just randomly exciting for this geek. Last night (for us, during the day for them) New York experienced a solar eclipse for the first time since 1979! That’s 38 years since the Burrows have gone dark in the middle of the day. Whenever a solar eclipse happens I imagine some weird twist of fate is about to occur and I think most of my favourite movies have a role to play in that. Solar Eclipses always bring with them some sense of magic and sci-fi wizardry.

And this one was no exception.

Android Oreo

In a clever twist Oreo used the eclipse to announce the launch of Android Oreo – the latest Google OS update. It made sense to link the two because the a solar eclipse does end up looking like a giant Oreo. The moon is the chocolate goodness and the glow of the sun behind it is a bit like the white squishy centre. I blame Tom Ska for that, after his magical Oreo video. While no eclipse featured in the video turning the moon into a giant Oreo was fitting. Anyway, I digress.

Android Oero

Some rad stuff to note about the Android Oreo update include the fact that you now have picture in picture capabilities (watching YouTube videos while emailing? Yes please!) and a far faster boost time for opening apps and general phone usage.


Oh and the best part?

The Android logo has had an update and now – she’s a female! YES! I’ll have more on all the update details you need on Wednesday but for now I was a bit inspired by the New York solar eclipse and how Oreo decided to announce the Android name.

Missed that? Here’s the video

Check out all the #AndroidOreo moments here.

So it got me thinking about some of my favourite superhero movies which feature a solar eclipse (and a strong female lead!).

Spoiler: these aren’t technically “superhero” movies. But they all have a Sci-Fi element and feature characters that I’ve always considered strong female superheroes in my life. Thus their inclusion.

Movies which feature a solar eclipse

The Fifth Element

Fifth_element_poster_(1997) wikipedia

Flip I loved this movie so much. How bad ass was Milla Jovovich? I just wanted orange hair after watching this. Anyway, the movie has that sick quote about the three planets aligning in an eclipse. So it seemed fitting to include it here (again, Milla was a pretty rad female hero for me growing up). I also like the New York link because even though the movie is set in the 23rd century – Bruce Willis played a New York cab driver!

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara_Croft_film poster wikipedia

I know I was extremely lucky to get a chance to visit the set of the new Tomb Raider movie. But Angelina Jolie will always be my first Croft love. I remember watching my dad playing Tomb Raider when I was little and then I got to see the movie where Jolie brought the video game character to life. She was a superhero to me, no doubt. In the movie there is a solar eclipse – which happens once every 5 000 years and sets us all on an action filled adventure.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith


So yes, this particular movie is part of the three we do not speak of. However, Natalie Portman was still kind of awesome and with the introduction of Rey this year I figured I needed to include it on the list. Star Wars has always made sure we have incredible female superheroes to look up to. Princess Leia will always be the princess I want to be when I grow up. In Revenge of the Sith we see a total eclipse round about the time we realise Anakin Skywalker has gone to the dark side.


Heroes_logo wikipedia

Okay, technically not a movie. I know. But this TV series was pretty damn rad when it came out and kicked off with, you guessed it, a solar eclipse. Hayden Panettiere was pretty rad as the cheerleader and there were a host of other females with awesome superhero abilities to inspire. I kind of want to be in New York for the eclipse now, just in case someone is handing out special powers. I’m worthy right?

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