lara croft in south africa

Lara Croft is in South Africa and should be my spirit animal

This is kind of rad because it feeds into so many things that I love:

  • My country of birth, South Africa.
  • Video games.
  • Iconic female video game characters.
  • Movies.

The filming for the new Tomb Raider movie which is set to be released next year actually happened in Cape Town. I remember when the first Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie came out. I was just a little teeny bopper but I remember being so inspired by her strength and her beauty. She was just a general bad ass and I wanted to be her. At that point my dad wouldn’t let me play the game as he felt it would be too complex for me and scary (funny, no problem with me beating people to death in Mortal Kombat though). I used to sit quietly in his study and watch him play for hours because I was so besotted with Lara Croft.

lara croft in south africa

Growing up and entering the women in technology space I became more aware of the sexualisation of females in video games and during numerous discussions people would always use Lara Croft as an example. They’d point out her big bouncy chest and Angelina’s skin tight clothes in the movie. I swear it was at this point that I started struggling to wrap my head around some of the stuff that comes with being a strong woman and trying to not be sexualised. You see I loved Lara Croft. I loved Angelina in the role. I remember being that little girl wanting to be her. Not because of her big boobs but because she was so bad ass and one of the first female video game and movie characters that wasn’t playing side kick.

I’m not going to get into a representation of women in media discussion though

lara croft in south africa

The point is, we bitch a lot about the representation of females in video games but when you rip it all away Tomb Raider was a female led title that was out way before any of these discussions started. Way before movies were allowing for female action hero leads. Boobs or not. That’s kind of cool.

They’re rebooting the movie franchise now

On the back of the 20th anniversary of the Tomb Raider Video Game franchise (yes, twenty years!) they started filming the new Tomb Raider movie. They’re filming in South Africa as well as the UK. I’ve been trying desperately to find a way to sneak on to set in Cape Town with no luck, imagine how awesome that would be? We’ll see Alicia Vikander (she has won an Oscar but I’ve seen none of her movies, naughty me) playing Lara at age 21. The movie will tell the story of how the Tomb Raider began. Should be a cracker.

lara croft in south africa

The film has an incredible cast behind it with and is under the direction of Roar Uthaung. I’ve seen some of the on set images (which I’ve shared in this post) and I like the look of Vikander’s character. She looks strong and fierce rather than sexy which I think is a good change with the times. Her look reminds me of Croft in Rise of the Tomb Raider which I presume is the same type of story line the movie is following.

Seeing these pictures was a reminder of some of my first forays into gaming when I was younger. Its hard to believe how far it has come and how “main stream” video games turned. I’m always interested to find out how people got in to gaming as well as what they play. Which is why I’m now going to ask you to do a little something something. My friends at Bravado Gaming are currently running a gaming survey to find out how many people in South Africa game as well as what they’re playing. The information is going to be really useful and they’ve offered me some access to it. I’d appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to go do the survey. Click here to do the gaming survey. There’s also a chance to do win some rad prizes so it won’t be a complete waste of your three minutes.



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