New tech to improve your eyesight

New tech to improve your eyesight – my ZEISS Vision Analysis

I’ve always been really lucky and bragged 20/20 vision. It means I’ve been lazy and not had my eyes checked in a long time. However, lately I’ve started getting watering eyes in the evening and noticed that after a few long nights on camera I get this weird “lazy” eye. I haven’t battled to see anything or had blurry vision but I could definitely feel a certain amount of fatigue from my eyes.

I have way too much screen time. I’m on a laptop most of the day and on my phone always. I drive a lot at night. When I can’t sleep at 3am I roll over and scroll through social feeds in the dark. Adding more strain to my eyes. I know this is not good but it is  I decided it was about time I did a check up and made sure the unnecessary fatigue hadn’t destroyed my vision.

I headed to Mellins i-Style in Fourways. They have branches around South Africa. My choice for this optometrist was based off the fact that they brag some pretty fancy tech and the geek in me wanted to check it out. On arriving I was put through a ZEISS Vision Analysis and have outlined below exactly how this new technology works and how it can help improve your vision.

New tech to improve your eyesight

On arrival at Mellins i-Style I was greeted by friendly staff who encouraged me to do the usual paperwork which includes all the personal stuff as well as adding your medical aid to your files.

New tech to improve your eyesight

Once all the paperwork was done I was asked to fill out some questions in a booklet. This was the start of my ZEISS Vision Analysis. ZEISS is an international technology company focused on the optical and optoelectronic industry. They develop a host of innovations such as scopes, binocular lenses and, of course, lenses for glasses. The way they go about this is much more than your standard eye test. The first questions in the booklet included items that would identify what my vision needs actually were. So things like daily work activities and any visual difficulties I suffer from.

New tech to improve your eyesight

Once I’d done the written test I was taken to a host of machines. Most of them looked like something from outer space which made the moon background in the store fitting. These are the i.Profiler Plus machines. This technology scans your eyes and determines their unique shape and any muscle weaknesses.

New tech to improve your eyesight

After a few basic tests on the machine you’re moved to another machine. This might have been the worst part of my experience as the machine blows air at your eye and is apparently common at optometrist check ups. As I haven’t been for one of those in a good few years I didn’t expect it or enjoy it. However, it is vitally important as this “puffer test” measures glaucoma levels and eye pressure. High levels of Glaucoma can lead to various nerve diseases. So it is important to get this test done.

New tech to improve your eyesight

Once you’ve moved off the machines and the data around your eyes is recorded you then have a sit down with the optometrist and do the usual tests I expected including reading letters of a chart. This assists to measure depth perception and vision clarity. The Mellins i-Style staff were lovely and assured me that my eyesight is actually still A okay. However, because of my lifestyle and work choices the muscles in my left eye are slightly weaker than my right. It doesn’t effect my vision but it does explain the fatigue I suffer from and the watering eyes. There is a ZEISS Digital Lens suited to my needs. As we get older the elasticity of the eye lens begins to deteriorate which is what puts pressure on our eye muscles and leads to the tired watery eyes I’ve been experiencing.

New tech to improve your eyesight

With this in mind it was suggested I get a pair of glasses that I can wear after long days of work or when I’m feeling particularly tired or strained. I was then guided on selecting some frames before my face, with the frames on, was photographed.

New tech to improve your eyesight

The reason for the photographs is because ZEISS studies the scans from the i.Profiler to determine the inner workings of your eye and then utilises the photographs to understand how the glasses sit on your face. This is because every pair of lenses is custom made.

New tech to improve your eyesight

When you think about it this makes sense. Every single one of us is unique and has a specific face and eye shape. By recording these details ZEISS is able to make lenses specifically suited to your own requirements.

New tech to improve your eyesight

Once we’d finalised my prescription and done the necessary scans and measurements – I could go. The data was then sent to ZEISS in Germany who produce my own unique lenses for me.

New tech to improve your eyesight

A few weeks later, following my appointment, Mellins i-Style gave me a call to let me know that my glasses were ready for collection. the i.Scription created for me offers up more vivid colours, greater contrast, clearer vision and better night and dusk vision.

New tech to improve your eyesight

When I arrived to collect I was assisted with fitting the glasses to make sure they were sitting comfortably on my face and I could see. In my case the left lens was altered for my lazy muscles to help me.

New tech to improve your eyesight

Once that was all done the staff went off to clean my new glasses. Each lens has specific markings on it on arrival to show you the unique adjustments made. Once that was done I could head home. I’m really lucky that I don’t have to wear glasses. But I can utilise them when my eyes are tired or I’m working a lot in front of screens.

I think for people who do wear glasses the ZEISS Vision Analysis is a must. You’ll get much better insight into your issues or concerns and also be able to better alter your prescription to suit your needs. I’m going to be sending my mom soon!

What do you think? Have you been for an eye test recently and experienced new tech?

Disclosure: my eye test and glasses were gifted to me by Mellins i-Style. 



  • Reply Ashley April 19, 2017 at 17:58

    Its really about time technology caught up to us stuck in glasses!

    • Reply Sam Wright April 20, 2017 at 07:34

      And now it has. WOOHOO! Also I’ve joined the glasses club sort of 🙂

  • Reply Astara Pheiffer April 19, 2017 at 22:25

    I have terrible eye sight (ever decreasing since grade 6) and often worry about deterioration etc. Great to know that there is awesome technology like this being developed. P.S. I also hate the eye pressure puffer test! 😉

    • Reply Sam Wright April 20, 2017 at 07:32

      Gosh it is the absolute freaking worst! Apparently from like 18 to 40 your eyes don’t deteriorate. Thereafter they do though.

  • Reply Arlene Beukes April 21, 2017 at 09:53

    I struggle immensely with bad eyesight. I always look for excuses not to have my eyes tested and my specs replaced because of the hassle associated with old technology. I’m so, so happy eye care technology has improved so drastically! GREAT post, Sam!

    • Reply Sam Wright May 1, 2017 at 20:51

      Definitely a huge help. I was so impressed after not getting my eyes tested in years!

  • Reply Welston (@cypha187) April 24, 2017 at 10:24

    I wore specs for over 30 years, before i got Lasik surgery last year. So i’m always interested in eye-care tech. I have your site on my rss feed and like your take on tech in SA. Please make it clear on top of your post of any freebies received during your reviews. A small note at the bottom of the post feels like a cop out

    • Reply Sam Wright May 1, 2017 at 20:49

      How did you find Lazik? One of my friends is looking into it but it sounds terrifying! Thanks for your feedback on the freebies. I have a full disclosure here: outlines exactly how I disclose stuff. Hope it helps?

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