DiskAshur² hard drive

My new best friend – the DiskAshur² hard drive

I’ve needed an external hard drive for awhile now. I’ve got so many photos and video content that is clogging up both my notebooks. There’s just no space left! So I’ve been on the market for one for awhile but hadn’t fully committed. Then the DiskAshur² hard drive landed at my door. I was in love the moment it came out of the box. Mainly because it had the nifty black pouch to store it in. My backpack is currently a mish mash of cables and chaos so having the case made all the difference. It is hard and had a leather finish. So the hard drive is always safe and stored securely.

DiskAshur² hard drive

Out the case I had a gorgeous red hard drive. I loved the finishes. It was sleek and the red added a funky touch of colour. I also loved the cable management. The cable is secured to the hard drive with an indent to allow you to store the USB cable neatly flush with the hard drive. Again, these little touches make all the difference for me.

DiskAshur² hard drive

The one difference between the DiskAshur² hard drive and others is that it has a set of physical keys on the device itself. When was the last time you pressed actual buttons, right?! There are three LED lights on the top that indicate if the hard drive is locked or not. The reason for the keypad is because the DiskAshur² hard drive offers a level of physical encryption over just the usual digital password you can set on a hard drive.

DiskAshur² hard drive

This isn’t the first time I’ve used one of the iStorage devices. The last time was their USB. I waxed lyrical about the security and received a little bit of negativity from the hardcore techies who felt I needed to have run more complex security tests. I wouldn’t even know how to do that to be honest.

DiskAshur² hard drive

For those of us “basic” ladies: you cannot get in to the hard drive without the PIN number you set when you set it up (this is really easy, with a quick step guide included in the box). There’s also something called a Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism which, after 15 failed attempts at the pin, erases the encryption key and makes it impossible to access the data. You’d need to factory reset the device. I liked that the hard drive automatically locked if I left it plugged in and forgot about it. According to all the marketing stuff there is a coating on the keypad, Wear Resistant Epoxy, which means the keys you use most often won’t wear down and give away your pin. You can also set a Self Destruct PIN, which when entered will wipe the current PIN and again make sure you can’t access the data.

DiskAshur² hard drive

Is it breakable? I don’t know. But I think it sounds pretty protected for someone like me who travels a lot and would be terrified of someone accessing my personal photos or videos if I were to accidentally leave my external hard drive in a foreign hotel. This little baby is now my permanent traveling companion and I’m a big fan. It really is a great tech accessory in my arsenal. You can get the hard drive in 500GB and all the way up to 2TB – which obviously alters the price. For more info you can check out the iStorage site.

Disclosure: iStorage sent me a DiskAshur² external hard drive. They’re available in some funky colours including British Racing Green. How rad? 



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