Nike VaporMax Visionairs

Do these Visionairs inspire you?

I was meant to be on a Nike run this morning for women’s day. This post would have likely been considerably different but I got sucked into the work cycle and it now means that rather than sharing my endorphin filled running high with you I’m going to share some inspiring women that Nike has partnered up with to promote their latest offering: the Nike Air VaporMax.

The VaporMax has a host of new tech tossed into it to ensure your running is far more comfortable. The air cushioning system has been overhauled and now protects the whole foot from toe to heel. The Cushioning Innovation Designer, Zachary Elder, says they restructured the air unit so it could be attached directly to the upper. So now there is no midsole or sockliner, you feel the air. “As you step down, each lug gets pushed into the Air unit, ramping up the pressure,” Elder explains. “As you step off, the pressure releases, creating that springy bounce.”

Nike VaporMax Visionairs

I’ve had a chance to try out the VaporMax shoes. Walking around in them I wasn’t all that impressed and thought they looked a bit like those terrible jelly baby sandals that were all the rage when I was 6 or 7. But, when you run, everything changes. It really does give you an extra spring and I found them extremely comfortable and bouncy. It makes you rethink the sneaker and reshape your view on it.

Which is where the Nike “Visionairs” come in

Nike VaporMax Visionairs

Nike decided to launch the VaporMax in SA with a host of strong powerful women. The ladies in the campaign are meant to inspire you to be better and encourage you to do you. According to the thought behind it these women “peel away the layers of challenges, including personal ones, that limit women in sports.”

Nike VaporMax Visionairs

There is a radio DJ/fashionista (I’m still not sure how she links here but I’ll let it slide) and Lady Skollie representing the artists. Lady Skollie is incredible and she creates amazing pieces that question traditional taboos and address topics we don’t normally go near. I love that she has been included in this campaign. The sportswomen are represented by Shana Power, an incredible cage fighter and The Pack who are an all-female running crew. I was most excited to see Shana as part of the Visionairs as I believe she inspires a new group of ladies. She isn’t the typical fashionista/radio DJ or running enthusiast. She’s strong and powerful. I’d never had much interest in MMA until I read Rhonda Rousey’s autobiography. Understanding how fit you need to be and how strong – I have a new found respect for those who make this their chosen sport.

Is there a particular Visionair that inspires you? Let me know in the comments below. 




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