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5 things I did not know about Opera Mini and you might not know either!


I’ve always been part of the Apple army and proudly march my iPhone 6s into battle regularly. BUT, a few months ago I got a Samsung Galaxy S8 and because of the awesome camera it has become my secondary phone for social sharing. So now I’m jamming on two sides of the fence. The problem is, I’m not all that clued up on Android any more. During my journeys through the Google Play store I’ve come across a few apps that have piqued my interest and Opera Mini is one of them. It is a rad browser app for Android that I can get behind. Here are five reasons why I dig it and things I did not know about Opera Mini… you might find these useful.

You can track your data in app

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This is a rad one for me because I chow through data faster than most people eat breakfast. The app lets you check your data usage in the settings. However it is also not at all data heavy and when you check your data usage you’ll see you’re actually saving.


You can win a Mini Cooper!


I know, I’m a sucker for the freebies too. Opera Mini is giving away a Mini Cooper. All you need to do is visit this site, fill in your details and you could win the snazzy little beast. If you download the app though you double your chances. So that’s a perk to using it.

Smarter Downloads

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The thing I dig about Opera Mini is how much easier it is to download stuff. For starters you can download video, which is a big perk for me. It doesn’t work with YouTube but with any other video content you can download it to watch later. I constantly find rad stuff online I want to watch but it usually happens as I’m going into a meeting so this is a big help. You just need to click the download button and then watch when you’re ready. You can also download files in the background and the app will only download them once you’re on WiFi, which saves you data. The app will notify you once your download is done and you can just click it in the notifications – so no need to to try search through folders on your phone.

It has a built in ad blocker

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Self explanatory really. No one likes flashing rubbish cluttering their website visits.

Get news that matters to you

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This is a funky little feature of Opera Mini that I dig. The start page collects a stack of news and top content for you to browse through. You can customise it according to your tastes to ensure you get news that matters to you every time you sit down for a quick internet look see. It also means I spend way too much time catching up on celebrity gossip now. My bad!

Don’t forget if you want to enter to win that Mini Cooper head on over to operaminicooper.com and to download the app you can grab it, for free, from the Play store, here

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