Cadbury PS Bar

Cadbury PS Bar messages just made the jump to the internet


I’m on a healthy living and eating splurge at the moment but it is no secret that my biggest guilty pleasure is chocolate. While I love a sneaky indulgence once in awhile, sometimes I need to go into fitness mode and longingly walk past my favourite treats in the isle.

Cadbury PS Bar has made a plan for me and my significant other though. Oh yeah, there is one of those. Here’s a reminder:

So basically, the bae can now buy himself a sweet treat but still share some virtual chocolate love with me. It is pretty simple.

Step 1: Buy yummy Cadbury PS Bar

Cadbury PS Bar

Step 2: Download a QR code reader on your phone. You can find one for Android here and iPhones here.

Cadbury PS Bar

Step 3: Scan QR code on the bar with the app.

Cadbury PS Bar

Cadbury PS Bar

Step 4: You’ll get a cute video message to share with friends, family and your bae.

Cadbury PS Bar

How cute? So basically you can share the Cadbury PS Bar love without having to eat the chocolate and add carbs to your thighs. Who am I kidding, I have a special stash of these babies and treat myself every few weeks. A yummy PS Bar isn’t a bad thing ever! The content on the QR codes changes regularly so you’ll never know what you’re going to get.

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