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Is it safe to say I love the Joker yet?

Over the past few months my Facebook news feed has been practically overflowing with pictures, quotes and statuses like:


And these are just the ones I could find tonight, because we all know how it goes the moment you look for something you’ve been seeing everywhere, all of a sudden its gone. But I digress, posts like these have been everywhere and it’s not even something that’s isolated to The Suicide Squad, it’s the same recycled posts that were going around when Pokemon Go came out a few months ago as well. Even then it’s not exclusive, those were just the recycled posts from over a year ago when the last Star Wars movie came out… and so the cycle goes.

This raises a very important question about hostility towards discovering things only once they become popular, and to that I say:

“So what?”

What does it matter? What is it with people and deluding themselves into believing that they are the only true authentic ones, in what is a actually a majorly unauthentic world.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I grew up on a heavy dose of comic books and old school rock music, and nothing upsets me more than seeing some 16 year old walking around in a Rolling Stones tee and having no clue that it represents anything else but a shiny red tongue logo that they once saw Justin Bieber wearing. This irks my my soul, but my irritation isn’t that they are wearing it – my irritation is that they don’t know about the music behind it. Now flash to me seeing the same 16 year old hearing a song by The Rolling Stones for the first time and falling in love? That is different, that makes me the happiest fan girl alive.

I’ve always believed that if you love something, you should want other people to know about it and love it too – I remember back to being a little girl and dying to teach all my friends about the heroes from my comic books because I wanted to share the magic with them and have someone to share all my excitement with.

That’s exactly how I feel about Suicide Squad.

suicide squad exclusive

Who cares that people who haven’t been fans since they were 10 years old are falling in love with the series now?

What happened to those age old sayings we preach “it’s never too late” or “you’re never to old”? Why not embrace all these new people falling in love with a treasured franchise, rather than selfishly trying to hide it away just for yourself, like that kid who doesn’t want to share his sweets.

I feel like people forget that the reason why things go mainstream or become popular in the first place is because there are a massive amount of people who love it just as much as they do, which is a good thing. It gives something that would otherwise slowly fade away, a new breath of life for it to flourish and continue on for new generations.

share it scrooge

So what if there are people falling in love with Star Wars today who haven’t seen the originals yet?

I say go for it! You can’t lose. If they enjoy it then soon enough they are going to dig up the originals, just like I did as a child. The series gains public adoration again, and I get to see more of what I love.

Now I’m not saying that you should like something just because it has become popular, I’m just saying don’t be so quick to stone those who do.

The time has come to do what your mom always taught you, to share with the other children.


  • Reply Gina August 28, 2016 at 06:35

    here here!!!

    • Reply Sam Wright August 29, 2016 at 08:11

      It is how I feel about eSports too. I get so much hate for only getting in to the scene recently and I’m like, what?! Surely you want more people supporting this vibe. Humans are so strange!

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