loot myschool card partnership

Buy stuff online and give back to charity at the same time!

Am I the only one that has become completely obsessed with online shopping? I realized the other day that I hardly enter a shopping centre these days. Almost all my favourite items are purchased online. Other than milk and eggs, I’m pretty much reliant on the internet to bring stuff to my door.

That’s why I’m a big fan of what Loot.co.za is doing. I’ve spent enough time on their site browsing video games and phone cases (my worst habit!). Tanya over at Rattle & Mum also recently pointed me in the direction of their LEGO collection… goodbye salary.

I don’t mind spending my cash at loot.co.za because they give some of it back to a charity of my choosing.

loot myschool card partnership

That’s right – loot.co.za has teamed up with MySchool MyVillage MyPlaent fundraising campaign. Every time you purchase something on the loot.co.za site simply add your MySchool Card number at check out and your chosen charity will get a percentage of your purchase. It costs you nothing to sign up for a MySchool card (you can do that by clicking here). The moment you sign up you get granted your MySchool card number so you can shop online immediately and give back – no need to swipe, just tap in the card number.

I did just that when I purchased a few goodies for myself on loot.co.za

loot myschool card partnership

I originally went on the site because I heard that they were stocking the Lumee Phone Cases and I decided it was time to purchase myself one.

  1. They do stock the cases and they are approved by the manufacturer and distributor. No cheap rip offs! Woohoo!
  2. I didn’t buy the case… YET

I got distracted by these great gadget cleaning aids that loot.co.za. Wonder Woman wipes for my MacBook Pro and Superman wipes. I obviously NEEDED these cuties so they were the first in my cart. And as is always the case when I’m on loot.co.za I started browsing – that led me to come across Rhonda Rousey’s My Fight/Your Fight. It’s the UFC fighter’s autobiography. I am absolutely obsessed with autobiographies at the moment. Especially of women who accomplish things in male dominated spaces. So obviously I needed this book!

loot myschool card partnership

I also ended up purchasing a gift for a friend of mine… but while most of my order has arrived this item is still being shipped in so we won’t discuss it any more!

loot myschool card partnership
All you need to do is enter your card number on check out. How easy?

On checking out I just entered in my MySchool Card number and my favourite charity gets a little something for my self-indulgence. When I set up my card I chose to support the Highveld Horse Care Unit. They work tirelessly in Gauteng and throughout the country to educate poorer horse owners on corrective care as well as rescuing abused horses. Their work is incredible. As a giant horse lover and having been part of the equestrian scene since I was 6 – I’ve seen them struggle over the years. I’m glad my online purchases can help them, even a little bit.

What I love about the MySchool card is that you can add other charities to your beneficiaries list.

loot myschool card partnership

Do you have a MySchool card? Which charities do you support? I’d love to add more and help out. Especially because the LEGO addiction is real and Loot.co.za if feeding it (might finally get that Lumee cover too!).


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