Bytesized | 15 April 2016

There’s a new sex app in town, a photographer gets his friends drunk and takes pics in the name of art, Sweden is the first country to get its own telephone number and Tech Girl has a book club!

APP there’s a new sex app in town and it’s awesome

JuiceBox founder, Brianna Rader has come up with an app for sex education. No more awkward moments in a class with bananas or googling weird stuff. You can either ask trained experts a question or share your stories and you do so anonymously. It is currently only available on the app store.


PHOTO this is what it looks like when you drink

Possibly one of the best photo series ever, photographer Marcos Alberti’s Wine Project is simple. Invite some friends over, give them some wine and take pictures of them after each glass. (I think I need to try this in my own time, you know in the name of art)

marcos albertini wine project
At the end of 3 glasses of vino everyone has a huge smile on their face.

To see all of the pictures from the Wine Project, click here. 

DID YOU KNOW that Sweden is the first country to have its own telephone number?

As part of a campaign to increase tourism, you can call the number and be connected to a random Swedish volunteer where you can “have unscripted conversation about whatever comes to mind.” This could go both ways. =

Scandinavian Tourism Hotlines

READ TechGirl has a book club!

If you like to read about all things tech, then #TechGirlBooks is for you. Each month we review a tech related book. To read more about it (haha), visit our About #TechGirlBooks page or check out our ed’s awesome review here. 

tc book club


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