Google partners with a South African Influencer to provide free digital training

This is such a rad story on so many levels that I had to share. This week, Google announced the launch of their their Digify Africa portal. It is an online space where anyone in Africa can go and do online courses – for free! Better yet, the courses have been designed to chow as little data as possible, which is a biggie for so many of us. By the end of July there should be more than 50 digital courses available but for now you can work your way through the 9 already on the site.

But that is not all!

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Google has also joined forces with one of my favourite South African Influencers – Live Mag (they form part of Livity Africa). Live Mag is this incredible blog and social account run by a host of young South Africans influencing thoughts on gaming, entertainment and a few more serious issues as well. Live Mag is just one arm of Livity Africa – who will be helping Google to train one million young Africans this year. How amazing?

They’ll be running two programmes with Livity that will introduce young people to the digital world and give them the skills they need to start developing a career in the space. The other programme will allow young Africans already working in digital to level up.

I love this initiative

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I think it shows the power of online influencers and how they can change the world. I’ve always admired Google and how the brand operates – it isn’t only about making money but empowering. Their culture is what I love about the digital space: they’re disrupting the business norms completely.

I cannot wait to complete my first course on Digify Africa and see what the Livity team are going to be able to accomplish this year! 

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