Bytesized | 4 March 2016 – Gifs & stuff

Get all giffed up as we take a look at Twitter’s #GifParty (and yes you’re invited), Facebook reactions, a great Zoolander reference and yes a Kanye reference because internet. Watch as celebs read Kanye quotes in a dramatic voice. All this and one more thing in Bytesized.

GIFS on TWITTER welcome to the #GifParty

What exactly is this #GifParty and how do I get an invite? Update Twitter and you’ll find that you can now share gifs from the gif library.

Fun Fact: gif is actually pronounced “jif” (the guy who invented it says so), but we all say gif with a goldfish g. It sounds weird if you use it the correct other way. Don’t do that. [Tweet “Gif is pronounced jif, but we all say gif with a goldfish g. It sounds weird the correct way. #BytesizedZA”]



TWEET this Zoolander reference will never get old.

zoolander a center for ants
I must’ve watched this movie about 50 times. It is still funny.

FACEBOOK reactions are about a week old and that means you can now tell your own reactionary story.

payday Facebook reactions
I went for a Pay Day theme and unfortunately couldn’t export it as a gif so that I could have Harry Potter moving pictures.

Create your own Facebook reactionary story and share it with your friends. 

WATCH THIS what would Bytesized be without a Kanye reference?

Celebs such as Whoopi Goldburg and Kate Hudson read Kanye quotes in a dramatic way. Click here for a Kanye themed Bytesized. 


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