The incredibly & ridiculously expensive Tech gift guide 2015

This festive season make sure you get exactly what you want with our handy Incredibly & Ridiculously Expensive Tech Gift Guide for 2015. Remember it is the thought that counts and a great gift is when someone has thought about you more in monetary terms.

All I want for Christmas is a…. 

Smartphone: iPhone 5 Black Diamond for $15.3 million or roughly R220 394 205 if you did a straight conversion (you shouldn’t though).

Iphone 5 black diamond

What’s that you say? The iPhone 6S is already available? Well does it have 600 white diamonds, 1 black diamond and is it made of gold? I didn’t think so. The best feature about this phone is that it comes in a box covered in jewels and wait for it, T-Rex bone.

Headphones: Sennheiser Orpheus for $55 000 or R791 813.

sennheiser orpheus

Apparently the hefty price tag is because it took 10 years to create these babies and it is a headphone amplifier combo. Beats by Dr Dre… for who?

TV: LG 267cm Curved 3D Smart UHD LED TV for R1.2 million.

Which one of these doesn’t belong?

The best part about this TV is that the ad was placed in those inserts you get with your free local paper.

Watch: 18-Karat Rose Gold Apple watch for $17 000 or roughly R269 999.

most expensive apple watch

Telling the time has never been sweeter or more expensive.

Drone: Orginal DJI T600 Inspire 1 Pro FPV RC RTF Quadcopter for $3500 or R50 395.


DIY this drone  to bring you beer while you lounge around poolside. You can film your holiday antics from up above with the 4k HD camera.

Now to stand a chance of winning ALL OF THE PRODUCTS LISTED…. ha ha not a chance. What would you add to this list?


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