Bytesized | 20 November 2015

Bytesized. Your weekly digital dose of all things tech in snackable bytes.


Google Maps has just become like Scooby Doo. Someone saw a sunken car in a pond while decorating a tree and when they pulled it out, they found a dead body inside in the vehicle. This car was visible on Google Maps.

google maps show sunken car with dead body inside



So remember how at the end of last year we were all bombarded with those year in review videos on Facebook? Well this year get ready to be bombarded with Most Used Words on Facebook. This lets you see what you spoke about most in 2015.  Check yours here

my most used words on facebook for 2015
I use awesome a lot and am clearly obsessed with my hedgehog Spike Lee.



The Word of the Year is an emoji. Someone tell Oxford that emoji is not a word.

word of the year


Parenting you’re doing it right. This dad dressed his kid up like Godzilla and let her lose on Tokyo.

Bytesized is your weekly digital dose of all things tech in snackable bytes. #ByteSizedZA @TechGirlZA

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