Word of the Year 2015

And the Oxford word of the year goes to an emoji. Specifically the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji. Someone better let Oxford know that it is not a word. Awkward.

word of the year

Partnering with Swiftkey, Oxford chose the emoji because emojis have become part of our language and this particular one, was the most used globally.

Apparently your most used emoticons say a lot about you.

my most used emojisFrom this: I’m a lover that enjoys naps.

I get shocked, smile and teased a lot.

I have some Geordie Shore in me and love the fist pump.

Food, vino and partying take up a good part of my time.

Then there’s a chicken leg, pig snout, money, ants and pudding. This just shows how random I can be.

Want your what’s app analysis done? Post a screenshot of your most used emojis in the comments and I will give you a free reading.




While the emoji took first place, here are some of its competitors that didn’t make the cut.

I only found out what on fleek meant about 2 months ago. I never use it in a sentence.


Previous word of the year winners include:

  • vape (2014) –  I still refuse to use this word. If you want to find out more about the e-cig, read this.
  • selfie (2013)
  • unfriend (2009)
  • soduko (2005)

Learn more about the emoji with 5 Facts About Emoji. 


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