aeropress coffee maker

A morning companion in the Aeropress Coffee Maker


R699 from Yuppie Chef or More Flavour. 

What you need to know:

  • Weighs about 500g – super light
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Set includes a plunger, chamber, seal, filter cap, filter holder, 350 micro-filters, a scoop, a stirrer and a funnel.

What we think you should know:

aeropress coffee maker

aeropress coffee makeraeropress coffee maker

I was never a fan of coffee. I’ve honestly never enjoyed the taste. However, in the last few months I can’t function without my caffeine in the morning. In the space of a few short months I’ve become a coffee connoisseur. I’ve been trying out a host of plungers and different blends. It has been an absolute blast.

aeropress coffee maker

I decided to try out the Aeropress coffee maker because it just seemed to be far easier to set up, use and clean than some of my plunger counterparts. It opens up like a little bit of a space age device, but putting it all together is really easy. When you open the box you are overwhelmed by a stack of things. But when you put them altogether you have a rad coffee maker that fits on top of your cup and works easily. I also love how clean it stays. You simply push the plunger down, open the coffee maker over the bin and toss the filter paper. Simple!

aeropress coffee maker

aeropress coffee maker

You can make a usual cup of coffee or you can make an espresso. I loved that you can play around with the ground coffee you add to determine the best flavour for you (my morning black has far more of a kick than my lazy Sunday cuppa.)

aeropress coffee maker

aeropress coffee maker

You can also pop everything in the dishwasher which makes me rather happy inside. My only grip is that the filter paper will eventually run out and it might be a bit of a bitch to find replacements. Spending all that time without coffee? Not cool.


aeropress coffee maker

So rad:

  • Easy to use. Not messy.

Makes us sad:

  • The filter paper

Disclaimer: I was given an Aeropress Coffee maker. 

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