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Keep your family safe with these clever apps

Keeping your family safe starts with staying connected, I believe. Being aware of each other’s whereabouts and staying in contact is important, and doubly so in an emergency situation.

It’s not always the most comforting thing to think of or talk about but, when it comes to family security, it’s an important issue. Thanks to technology though, it’s becoming a little easier to keep your family secure, in a lot of ways. Here are three apps that help keep families safe on the move:

Huawei and Rapid Response
Announced in early November, Huawei are now integrating the Rapid Response app into their handsets. Rapid Response uses NFC and location-based technologies to send out an alert from your mobile phone that puts you in touch with emergency services and lets your personal contacts know that you’re experiencing an emergency. This is a really useful service, and one that the whole family can use.

keep family safe

ICEPlus works similarly, but creates Safety Circles to keep your loved ones informed when you’re in a tangle. Once you’re all set up, the mobile panic button can be set up as a speed dial on your phone or as a big red button on your app. It’s really easy to use, and simple enough that you can also train the little people to use it (even if they’re not yet at reading age). Once pressed, the ICEPlus mobile panic button alerts members of your Safety Circles (and emergency services or your security company) of the situation and lets them know where you are, alerting them that you need help.

Call Sponsor
This is a big one for me because, while I have a cellphone on contract, my kid uses airtime and I sometimes forget to make sure she’s topped up on a regular basis. She needs to be able to call me, even if she’s out of airtime, so Call Sponsor is an easy way to ensure she always can.

What are your go-to services for keeping your family safe?

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