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Could you be an Assassin?

I’m hoping that, by now, you listened to The Cake is a Lie podcast yesterday that unpacked rAge 2015. One of the things we chatted about was a new game that is soon to be launched: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The reason I’m excited about this game is that it gives you the option to choose between two main characters. The main characters are twins and one of them happens to be female. The Lara Crofts of the world are characters I relate to and ones I want to be.

Evie Frye is my new inspiration.

Evie is the twin sister of Jacob Frye in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Along with her brother they head up The Rooks, a gang that takes over a post industrial revolution London. While I haven’t had a chance to play the game I’ve been told that the developers have created a character that isn’t simply a generic in female form. Evie’s reactions reflect her gender (because we do react differently to men in certain scenarios) and I like that they went with a brother sister relationship for the main characters as opposed to a romance. Evie also leans towards a more stealth like fighting style as opposed to brute force. So you won’t be watching the game thinking, no ways that skinny b**ch took down that dude with a sucker punch. The more I learn about Evie the more I wonder what it would take to be an assassin. I’ve come to the conclusion that these three are a must have:

1. Sneaky weapons

evie assassins creed

Assassins need to get in and kill without being seen. Evie’s weapon of choice is throwing knives. My hand eye co-ordination is off so I’d go with poison. I’m also going with poison because I just had a manicure and I can’t bare the thought of breaking a nail when it catches on my ninja stars. Judge me all you want, I’m taking an active interest in having good looking hands because I couldn’t be arsed to curl my hair.

2. Street smarts

twins assassins creed

You need to be smart to be an assassin. Mainly to outwit other female assassins. I’m not too worried about the men. You know why? I’ve watched some of the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate game play and spotting Evie jumping from building to building is sometimes impossible, yet the rest of the The Rooks (incidentally male) are all over the damn place. Assassins shouldn’t be seen! Amateurs!

3. A rad hood

You need to stay hidden and your face must not be memorable. This means to successfully be an Assassin you need the perfect hood. Evie has the outfit down pat.

assassin creed syndicate

I found this Evie replica hoodie online and then I sobbed into my tea because I want it so badly. Between this and my poison I’m pretty much guaranteed to be almost as good at this gig as Evie (typed very tongue in cheek).

For the first time since starting Tech Girl I’m giving away a prize that I really don’t want to. You see it has the rad hood, the goods to help with those street smarts and the sneaky weapons. It may very well be the coolest prize we’ve given away and if I could keep it I would have.

This week you could win the ultimate Assassin’s Creed Syndicate hamper which includes:

  • An Evie figurine from the Ubisoft Collectables range
  • Replica Cane from the Ubisoft Collectables range
  • A small Assassin’s Creed Syndicate T-shirt
  • A small Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Hoodie
  • Branded Drink Coasters
  • Branded Checkers game
  • Keyring
  • Collectable Coin

assassins creed

Let’s be very clear, this is my dream prize so I’m not handing it over easily. The first thing you need to do is comment below and tell me, could you be an Assassin and why?

The next thing you need to do is show me your sneaky Assassin skills on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. So post on those social networks, impress us and make sure you let me know you’re doing it (it’s not sneaky but tagging might work just FYI).

Entries close on the 22nd of October. Only entries from South Africa will be accepted. I’ll choose the three best entrants and then hand it over to a panel to vote for the final winner.

  1. I could be one, but I’d imagine myself to be an assassin in the theme of Terry Pratchett or Monty Python. Buggering everything up, and then probably assassinating the wrong person, getting involved with the Knights Who Say Ni etc. It’d be a hilarious disaster.

  2. Well………….

    This super assassin is still super flexible from her 10 years of dancing (ballet, modern, hip hop and tap). A some Jujitsu Training…..meaning I can still kick ass!

    Her training comes from things like 12 years in the Hospitality field (Yes, ninja skills are required). And running weddings and conferences. Lots of negotiating skills are needed for this. Meaning, I wont break if captured and can talk my way out of a hostage situation….

    This super ninja has done the following: Catching and relocating a crocodile with rangers on a game reserve. Tracking wild animals….at night…..to do game count. This meaning….I could easily do night missions……

    Hiking Sani Pass several times in Summer and Winter….only to have a Maluti Beer in Africa’s Highest Pub. Not passing out on the World Fastest Roller coaster at Ferrari World. The Forumla Rossa. Meaning neither speed, impending death, or weather can affect me from achieving my goal.

    And I really love Tech Girl….commitment and loyalty are worth something 🙂

    He he he he he


    *See images tagged on twitter of my kung-fu fighting skills* (roflol)

  3. I would be an Assassin just for the outfit. If you check out my Geek Pinterest board you will see I absolutely need this in my life! I think every geeky girl has the fantasy of an outfit consisting of leather pants, a flowing coat and then kicking some major ass. 🙂 https://www.pinterest.com/giselaj/geek/

  4. I could be an assassin in that I’m small and look unthreatening. I have skills with rifles and have a long lie of people I’d merrily kill. Also red hair on assassins looks badass.

  5. Being one with the crowd, looking harmless, appearing friendly. Then BAM! I’ve assassinated you with nothing but the strap of my handbag.

  6. Nobody takes notice of me, could slip and out without a problem. Very discreet.

    Fourth year law student at the moment, I’d see myself as someone like Daredevil. Lawyer by day, badass by night.

  7. I would make a fantastic assassin. For the simple reason that no one would suspect me. I am quiet on my feet (which any of my colleagues would attest to when I sneak up on them to ask them a question).
    I come across as a relatively benign person. I am all sweet and unassuming. But I do have a streak of rebellion in me and am quite capable of taking revenge if needs be.

    I am intelligent and resourceful and would be able to make the best use of my environment if needed. See that spoon over there? i could kill you with that in fifty different ways.
    I am also not clouded by emotions. I am ruled by my head and not by my heart.
    I am of small stature and can fit into small spaces and am also not affected by claustrophobia.
    I have infinite patience and will wait for my mark for as long as required.
    I am also excellent at research and will ensure that i understand my mark and environment 100% before going after him.

    So, pick me. Or else you might not live to regret it. 😉

  8. I would make an excellent assassin. I was a tom boy growing up and loved to play with my dad’s army gear. I also wanted to be a police woman when I grew up, (life happened so that didn’t work out).

    The reason why is because I am focused. Stealth is the most important. I would be as quiet and agile as a cat, able to secretly stalk my prey like a lion on the Savannah. I would use darkness and light to my advantage.
    I would be athletic and fast, situations can go south, and when they do, I must escape or be killed.
    I would be intelligent. I would use physics in order to use my weapons and surroundings well. I have a clear philosophy, and know what I am doing. My mind can do everything that my body cannot, and in fact, my mind controls my body. A weak mind is, in effect, a weak assassin, and I would keep that thought in my head at all times.

    Most of all, I am honourable. I would only kill when it is necessary, and I will always respect my victims, as well as death itself.

    So please pick me, I play assasins creed with my husband and son all the time, and its great. I would wear the gear proudly and my husband would be so jealous. (Sneaky me!)

  9. Oh yes and just for entertainment sake, here’s a lame pick up line, all in the name of AC….

    Hey baby, do you need an assassin? Because I can take you out 😉

  10. Well I have Desmonds Hoody and I’m a twin 🙂 I can always blame it on my twin,hehehe(I know that’s wrong)
    I love stealth and choose rather to strategize my attacks than charging in.Being an Assassin is about being undetected and leaving no trace of your presence,thus I’d be an awesome Assassin.

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