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Your favourite heels just got some tech support!

From light up dresses to futuristic fitting rooms – the fashion world has been at the forefront of incorporating tech into their offerings to give you something new and fun. Now, your high heels just got some tech support! There are some really fun tech savvy high heels on offer around the world. Which ones would you buy?

In 2012 Christian Louboutin introduced the circuit board print to his range of red soled beauties.

wearable technology

But these clever high heel designers took it a step further. Cesare Paciotti introduced what he named “Light-Bright pumps” in one of his Autumn collections. The heels are adorned with light-up crystals.

wearable tech

In 2013 the London School of Fashion decided to use 3D Printers to create a range of fashion items including heels and sunglasses. These were my pick of the printed heels that they displayed.

wearable tech

However, my favourite tech supported heels are definitely the ones from Italian designer Francesca Castagnacci. My friend Vicky over at My Broadband shared these ones with me and they’re definitely a throw back to  those light up sneakers we all had as kids. Castagnacci incorporated fiber optic materials and LEDs in to the shoe design. I’m a fan!

wearable tech

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