Windows 10

Why do I not have Windows 10 yet?

Yay, it’s 29 July, Windows 10 is here… so why hasn’t my computer or laptop upgraded yet?

Okay, steady those horses. Despite thoughts to the contrary, the internet isn’t magic and it definitely cannot supply a mass software update to the whole world at the same time. That would crash it and after staying in China for a short while I can tell you: no internet is not something you ever want to experience for longer than what is on the load shedding schedule.

Here is how the Windows 10 upgrade is working:

Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 10 preview testers (buggers) get Windows 10 first. The next batch of lucky folk will be those that reserved their free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 – so me. I’d suggest, if you haven’t registered, that you go do that now and join your spot in the queue. You should have a pop up message appearing on your Windows PC or laptop but if not, go here.

You’ve got a year to get your free upgrade, so be patient and don’t stress just yet.

Buying a new device might be a bit tricky but you should, by rights, still be entitled to your free Windows 10 upgrade if you go out tomorrow and buy a device currently on the shelf. I’m told that Dell and HP should have some Windows 10 devices rolling out today so keep a look out for those.

The Windows 10 upgrade is a big deal to Microsoft. They’re throwing huge parties around the world to celebrate and have already started following the sun: there will be celebrations in Australia, London, New York, Dubai and even Johannesburg, South Africa!

Anything has to be better than 8 right?


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