HTC One m9 INK Smartphone

Add ink to your phone with HTC INK

I have five tattoos. It’s no secret I’m partial to a little ink so when I heard about this limited edition HTC One m9 INK smartphone I was a bit envious. I want one!


HTC partnered with supermodel Jourdan Dunn to add ink to your phone! The HTC One m9 has a gorgeous brushed aluminium finish on its back so it makes it the ideal phone to engrave. The silver on gold and silver on silver finishes also allow a lot of funky finishes. Dunn worked with well known Cally-Jo (she’s done body art for the likes of Rihanna) to come up with a design for the phone. The design is also available in a metallic temporary tattoo format so you’ll be able to match your phone!


This isn’t the first we’ll see of HTC INK. The smartphone manufacturer will be running limited edition versions of the m9 with various celebrity tattoo designs engraved on the back. I like the thinking behind this. HTC CEO Cher Wang says that “the way your smartphone looks is just as important to your personal style as your handbag, jewellery and even body art. We wanted to be the first brand to bring this level of individuality to our handsets. The HTC INK reflects our commitment to best in class design.”

Right, now to find out how I get my tatts engraved into the back of my m9!


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