lego blocks

5 Lego Items Every TechGirl Needs

After spending quite a bit of time building Lego online, I wanted to see what Lego tech items were available. Turns out there are quite a few. Here are my 5 Lego items that every Tech Girl needs.

1. Lego phone cover

The art of Lego

Make your very own phone case. The best part of this is that you are only limited by your imagination (and skills).

2. Lego camera

But first let me take a selfie…

Imagine taking selfies with this awesome Lego camera.

3. Lego decals for your keyboard

lego keyboard decals
Look mom, grownups can play with Lego too

How fun would it be to type on this everyday? This would make office work more enjoyable.

4. Lego USB hub

lego usb hub
Never run out of USB ports again

We have so many devices that need USB ports that it is the absolute worst when you run out of them. With this awesome Lego brick you will always have extra USB ports at hand.

5. Lego watch

Lego watches
Choose between analogue or digital

So this isn’t a smart watch but it does still tell the time and looks great while doing it.

What are your favourite Lego gadgets?

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