Which Heroes of the Storm Character are you?

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena). Have you ever heard of DOTA and League of Legends? Well, Heroes of the Storm is quite similar but so much easier to get the hang of. The game revolves around the Blizzard Universe, meaning Starcraft, Diablo, and World of Warcraft. Popular characters and creatures from each franchise are playable as heroes. You alongside 4 other heroes try to make their way into the opposing team’s fortress and take down their core.

The Starter Pack

Even though Heroes of the Storm is a free to play game, and anyone can download it and get into it, you might come across some additional purchases. Heroes that are not playable that week are locked until you purchase them with real money or in game gold that you earn while playing the game.

The Starter Pack (available at Raru) comes with the disc, and six in game bonuses. The disc allows you to install the game and avoid that long download of 3.5GB.


The pack also includes: 


• Zangara (Starcraft) – Ranged Specialist
• Zeratul (Starcraft) – Melee Assassin
• Li Li (World of Warcraft) – Ranged Support
• Sonya (Diablo) – Melee Warrior
• Jaina (World of Warcrafts) – Ranged Assassin


• Golden Tiger Mount – Not purchasable


• Ronin Zeratul Skin

The Starter pack retails for R255.00, not getting this starter pack means that you will have to grind your way to 30.000 gold to unlock all of the above with in game coin. Buying these items in game with real money would cost you around R770.

Which Heroes of the Storm Character are you?

Part of the fun with MOBA titles is identifying with a particular character. To help you along at the start of your Heroes of the Storm journey I’ve summarised some key personality traits that match up to certain characters. See which traits you relate with and you’ll have found your perfect Heroes of the Storm character!

Diablo – Lord of Terror
You are feisty and always ready for a ho-down. There is really nothing that can stand between you and your goal. You also like to take over the heavens every now and then, when you are not busy gathering your minions of darkness.

Kerrigan – Queen of Blades
Although you have your every day battles you face, you always find time to put on some makeup and look gorg! You don’t keep grudges, and are always ready to move on after a fallout. Even though the fallout meant utter betrayal and the transformation from a human to the Queen of Blades. You still rock it!

Tyrael – Archangel of Justice
As beautiful as you are angelic. You bring the peace when things are heated. You calm the ocean when the storm brews. Once an angel, always an angel.

Nazeebo – Heretic Witch Doctor
You are very spiritual and always have an herbal remedy for any ailment. You do not support the world’s medical conspiracy, and because of that you now live in a secluded area while you brew tea that you grew in your garden.

E.T.C – Rock God
Rocking out is what you do best. You are the type that will sit in traffic and sing at the top of your voice while head banging to the beat. You also don’t care about anything else, as long as your spirit is free and your beer is cold.

Sonya – Wandering Barbarian
Your favourite place in the world is the gym. Your Instagram is full of bathroom selfies of you flexing and carb loading. You always walk in the front of your friend group, and you are not afraid to down a whiskey on the rocks.

Jaina Proudmoore – Archmage
Sophistication is key to success. You never speak profanity, always dress to the tee, and your handbag is perfectly sorted and ready for any situation. You don’t think you are better than everyone else, you know you are.

Li Li – World Wanderer
You know when people say Dynamite comes in small packages, well that’s you. You are small and accept that, but given the opportunity to kick some ass, you would! You get distracted very easily…oh look, a flower!

Valla – Demon Hunter
Rocking hand cross bows in high heels, all in a day’s work! You are always ready for some hard work and never complain. No matter what you face you will always do your best to complete it with as much sexiness and sass possible.

Disclaimer: We were given a Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack to get us going with the game. Marco has been playing the game in beta since February, he loves it… Sam worries that he hasn’t seen the sun in far too long. 

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