Turn your iPhone into a perfume dispenser

If you’re obsessed with smelling good all the time no matter where you are then you’re going to love this new little accessory from an Italian manufacturer. It’s called Perphone and it will turn your iPhone into a perfume dispenser. It’s relatively straight forward: a smartphone cover with the perfume dispenser on the back. When you’re using your phone and camera normally the dispenser is “locked” in place.


Turn the dispenser around on the cover, press down and voila, you have a perfume dispenser. You simply return it to lock and the dispenser back in place. It’s really clever in that you aren’t going to risk accidentally spraying your friends while taking a photograph but you’ll also be able to take your favourite perfume with you wherever you go without having to pack it in your handbag.


This could be really useful when you’re taking long haul flights because it is small enough to pass through security checks at airports. It’s easy to slide the actual dispenser out of the cover to refill or change fragrances. The Italian company has only recently started up so no word yet on pricing or when we can expect it in South Africa.

Would you turn your iPhone into a perfume dispenser? 

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