The Parlotones and Sony are trying to convince you that Hi-Res audio is the future of sound

Ask any hipster with a record player and they’ll tell you that digital music loses so much of the nuances that make it so beautiful. When you download an MP3 file you’re essentially losing a lot of the stuff that makes the music great. According to Kahn Morbee (that dude who sings for local SA hitmakers The Parlotones) it’s a bit like watching an epic block-buster on an aeroplane screen versus in a movie house.  That’s why The Parlotones and Sony are trying to convince you that Hi-Res audio is the future of sound.

Now, I haven’t heard these fancy new sounds from The Parlotones. Remember that admin I spoke about? Well, on the day of the listening session I was tied up having to do that stuff. But High-Res audio isn’t exactly new. There were a few smaller audio houses around the world promoting it but it became a buzzword in 2013 when Sony threw their weight behind it. The quality of the sound file is far superior to your MP3 downloads but it also means the file is far bigger. When Sony announced they believed that High-Res Audio was the future of the music industry they also launched a host of rather expensive audio equipment meant to assist you in listening to these fancy new sounds.

Would you spend huge sums of money rather than download the pirated MP3?


Sadly I think the answer for the vast majority here would be no. If you’re anti digital and desperate for good sound you’re probably buying vinyls already. So why am I telling you about The Parlotones and Sony partnering up? Because the only way to get people to buy into data heavy High-Res Audio as opposed to their usual MP3 downloads is to let them hear what they’re missing out on. Here’s where the clever move comes in. The Parlotones joined forces with Sony Mobile South Africa and recorded four High-Res Audio tracks during their live show at Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town.

These tracks are now available exclusively to Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact users… because the Z3 is the only device capable of outputting these tracks (you will need a pair of headphones capable of playing the tracks… conveniently Sony offers those too). If you don’t have the smartphone you’re going to have to drop a good few grand on a fancy stereo to listen to High-Res Aduio. If you have the smartphone you can take a listen via the Xperia Lounge application. These are also the first live High-Res Audio recordings available to South Africa.


Whether you’re a fan of The Parlotones or not, the addition of High-Res audio to a smartphone is rather rad. If you’re only listening to music while working or running this probably doesn’t interest you. For me? Listening to music is a bit like a religious experience. I want to sit in a dark room with my eyes closed listening to something that moves my soul. Add High-Res Audio to that and I’m sold.

I wasn’t invited to the launch of the Xperia Z3 last year and I’ve not been able to get my hands on a review unit despite trying. I’ve played on a few mates’ Z3s and the more I hear about these add ons the more I rate this phone. Android smartphones are, for the most part, offering up the same stuff. Something like High-Res Audio output would influence my Android smartphone buying patterns and I think a few other music fans would say the same.

If I’ve confused you completely with the ramblings above, never fear, there’s a Sony video with The Parlotones you can watch. It sells High-Res Audio to you and conveniently throws in a host of Sony product placement. Around the 2:02 is a shot of bass guitarist Glen’s face. If I was the band’s marketing manager I’d push him to the front every time because…. BABE.




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