Give me games EVERYWHERE – the MOGA Pro Power Gaming Controller


R1035 from the Orange Store (South Africa)

What you need to know:

  • Rechargable 2200 mAh battery
  • Gaming console for Android devices
  • more than 125 games to choose from
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Box includes a tablet stand (Not in review unit box), USB Charging cable & MOGA Boost Charging Cable

What we think you should know


I know my job is to give you the rad and sad bits about gadgets. But sometimes one comes along that I end up just enjoying. A lot. The MOGA Pro Power Gaming Controller is one of those ones. It’s a portable gaming controller for Android devices. Much like your Sony Xperia phone can attach to a PS4 remote – the MOGA Pro Power Gaming Controller offers much the same… with, I think, far more opportunities for fun (I’ve never used an Xperia with the PS4 controller so I may be wrong).



I used an HTC One (m8) to review the controller and it was the perfect fit. The smart lock arm is pretty adjustable to hold phones, but, maybe the only downfall of the controller, it only offers 3 angles: closed, 90 degrees and 120 degrees. Your phone pairs with the controller via Bluetooth. You’ll need to load the free MOGA Pivot app to run automatic pairing and configuration (it is extremely painless).


Once the app is loaded you have access to hundreds of games including the likes of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Pacman… three guesses which were my favourite. The controller is plastic and very light but doesn’t feel like it is going to break. It’s style reminds me of an Xbox 360 controller. Because it is so light it fits rather comfortably in your handbag and is ideal for “dead time” (like standing in queues or waiting for kids to finish extramurals). It comes with a rechargable battery and, the best part, it charges your phone while you play! I used it for a full day without it running flat.


I’m not a professional or serious gamer. I’m a button basher. The MOGA Pro Power Controller holds up rather well and despite all the plastic it really doesn’t feel “cheap”. I loved my time with this gadget. I think it is well priced and just tons of fun. I also may shed a tear when it goes back to Orange.

So rad:


Makes us sad:

  • Doesn’t work with IOS or Windows devices
  • I wish the Smart Lock arm had a bit more flexibility

Disclosure: This was a review unit that was given to us for a specified period and will be returned on the publishing of our review. 


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