Get the job done with the COUGAR 700M


  • COUGAR 700m – R985
  • COUGAR Speed Mousepad – R160

The COUGAR 700M is the latest flagship mouse from the PC hardware giants, COUGAR. The mouse boasts many great features and like the COUGAR 700K keyboard I spent time with during December, it is accompanied by the COUGAR UIX software. I played almost every genre using this mouse, and I was pleasantly surprised that it delivered every time!



The COUGAR 700M has more buttons than that of that old joystick you used to play Street Fighter with, during those arcade days.

The COUGAR 700M is beautiful – From the start of opening to the end of a Call of Duty Advanced Warfare match. It comes with the two palm grips that can be changed on the fly, by pressing down on the button on top of the grip. I attached the larger one straight away given my larger hand and need for it. The palm grip has a bolt underneath that can also be tightened to make it higher or lower, so there is really no excuse for any sized hands. There are also 4.5 gram weights in the box that help with oxidation, I inserted two of these to help give the mouse some weight, and yes it is very light without them.

The design of the mouse is flawless and you can see that every finger that touches the mouse while holding it is supported by a honeycomb designed rubber grip. Both sides of the mouse boast the grip which allows you to keep hold of it while making use of the sniper button conveniently placed under your thumb. The flashiest feature of the COUGAR 700M is the LED light hat, situated under the extremely smooth mouse wheel. Although the LED is sexy, and you can change it to any colour your heart desires using the COUGAR UIX, it could be brighter.

“The COUGAR 700M and my oversized manly hand, are a match made in heaven.”

All this precision and design are housed in an aluminium frame which makes it feel light but sturdy at the same time.  At the bottom of the mouse there are four PTFE plates which help the mouse glide effortlessly along with your mouse pad. When I say “effortlessly glide” I mean it. Zero bumps and zero traction while operating the mouse.

But it would be a featureless mouse without the built in ARM Cortex 32-bit MCU which helps make it all possible. It also boasts 512Kb of memory, this is used to store macros and profiles.

But how does it work?


The COUGAR 700M is a monster of a mouse, everything is designed perfectly and when plugged in it all comes together flawlessly. Thanks to its 4x speed optimization, the mouse can adjust speed with a click of a button. While working and browsing the net I left the speed at 2x, but while playing I often found myself switching between 3x and 4x. The speed switch is perfect for shooters, making it easy to change speed on the fly without going into settings to do so.

The COUGAR UIX is the home base or the mouse, and without it you will not be able to use it to its full potential. With the UIX software you can manage almost everything, except order a cappuccino.  DPI settings, polling rate, click speed, scroll speed, sniper button DPI and more, it is all there and ready to be mastered

The COUGAR Speed Large Mouse Pad


Along with the 700M I received the COUGAR Speed Pad. This mouse pad is 450mm by 400mm, it’s very large and could barely fit on my desk. The pad has clearly been built to go hand in hand with the 700M, and give its high DPI sensor the best accuracy. The mouse pad is a mouse pad, and it works very well (although gigantic) with the 700M

We think…


The best thing about the COUGAR 700M is its design, it has been carefully crafted with every gamer in mind, be it RPG, MMO, FPS, you name it. It can complete any task at hand, even for design purposes, as I flew through an artwork I was designing in Photoshop with ease. It’s the perfect mouse for anyone actually, and considering its price, it’s pretty ideal.

There are laser mice on the market from other manufacturers that will cost you well over the R1200.00 mark, it is surprising that the COUGAR 700M is the more affordable option given its list of features. It is hard to find fault with the COUGAR 700M, it’s pretty sexy, and gets the job done!

Want to get your hands on the COUGAR 700M? It’s available at Land Mark PC, Computers Only & Titan-Ice. You can also by it online at Eve Tech, Rebel Tech and Wootware.

Disclosure: We were supplied a review unit to conduct this review. I.e. we returned the COUGAR 700M to the brand once we had conducted our review. 

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