A 10 inch beauty – Huawei Media Pad 10 Link Review


Between R3000 and R4000

What you need to know:

  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB / 16GB Storage
  • Wi-Fi and 3G enabled
  • Cortex-A9 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • 16-core GPU
  • Android 4.1
  • Sleek and sexy

What we think you should know:

The latest tablet from Huawei is a 10 inch beauty. Sleek and sexy with a champagne back, it is rather pretty and I don’t mind being seen with it.

Champagne back.1

The Huawei Media Pad 10 Link is not only easy on the eye, but means serious business too. It is equipped with 1GB RAM which ensures that your apps run fast and efficient, which is great as people spend most of their time browsing, playing games, watching videos and listening to music and no one has time to waste these days. The 10 hour battery life is a great help in that department too. The speakers are located at the back and the camera somewhat protrudes from the back.

Huawei boxed.1

The front camera is located at the top when the tablet is held at landscape instead of portrait as with most tablets. The 3MP rear and 0.3MP front cameras have an auto focus feature. Although auto focus is great, 3MP just won’t do these days. Luckily no one buys a tablet for its camera. I don’t know about you, but I think people look ridiculous when they use their tablets to take pictures.

The Media Pad 10 Link was clearly developed with entertainment in mind and seems suited for gaming in particular. The 10 inch display sports a 1 280×800 HD IPS display which means that colours are as true to real life as possible and makes this perfect for gaming and watching HD videos.


The tablet has a pretty standard Android feel to it, is easy to navigate and apps are accessed effortlessly. If you’re a fan of Android, you’ll find the transition between your smartphone and the Huawei Media Pad 10 Link seamless.

While playing around, I noticed that they’ve included a phone feature which is becoming increasingly popular with tablets these days. Manufacturers want consumers to be able to do everything off one device, even call your bestie while you’re checking out Pinterest. Do I like this? I don’t know. I’ve just gotten used to phablets and still think it looks silly when people are on a call, can you imagine seeing someone with a 10 inch tablet held up to their ears? Not to mention the muscles you’ll build having a half an hour chinwag.

All in all it’s a good tablet that is fast, efficient and will leave you looking fashionable.

Champagne back

So rad:

  • It’s aesthetically pleasing (it’s pretty)
  • 10 hour battery life
  • HD IPS display
  • They throw in a pair of earphones
  • Easy to use

So sad:

  • Not a great camera (but no one gets a tablet for that anyway)

Disclosure: This review was conducted on a review unit. I.e. The tablet was returned to the brand after we had conducted our review. 

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