All your promotional emails in one place

Challenge: You have subscribed to way too many newsletters or entered a lot of competitions and now receive unwanted emails throughout the day. You are also a perfectionist and having your mailbox tell you that you have 478 unread emails is not okay.
Solution: say hello to unroll.me. An app that puts all your promotional emails in one place. This gem of an app knows exactly what you have subscribed to and lets you easily unsubscribe with the click of a button. You can also select which mails you would like to add to your unroll.me inbox. Unroll.me will then send you ONE email a day, called your daily rollup, which contains all of your emails that you added.
Keep in mind: There are still a few bugs that the unroll.me developers need to fix. Things like email confirmations, password resets and the like could get snatched up and you might never see them. The unsubscribe option is possibly the best part about the app BUT your unsubscribe requests aren’t delivered to senders. So when you stop using Unroll.me prep yourself for a host of unwanted emails you thought you’d unsubscribed from.
Perfect for: newsletters, social media notifications and any special promotions you are interested in.
Price: free and it saves you time.
Get it here: https://unroll.me


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