Our 3 most anticipated gadget picks for 2015

Shew, do you realise it is almost the end of January 2015. We’re in the future! (There’s a sly Marty McFly reference somewhere in there). While we don’t have hover boards or self-lacing shoes, that eighties cult film got some predications right. Some of the tech in the movie that came to fruition includes LED Clothes, Hands Free Game Controllers, 3D movies and alternative fuel cars.

Every year we see something different and innovative pop up in the market. My biggest gripe with new gadget toys is my fear of losing them (I have a tendency to forget I’ve put something down somewhere. I once almost lost someone’s iPad on a media trip because I left it in the rental car). Leaving a restaurant or club consists of me asking where my phone is. If you’re a bit like me it tends to help to sit down at the beginning of the year and make sure all your favourites are insured. Our good friends at King Price are keen to do just that with super cheap premiums that decrease every month.

These are some of the gadgets I’m planning on getting my hands on this year. I’m definitely going to need super cheap premiums because wine spillage tests can often occur on gadgets not built to handle liquid. These are our 3 most anticipated gadget picks for 2015.

The Apple Watch


I moaned about Smart Watches just yesterday. This is the only one that allows me to get a smaller face size that actually fits my wrist. Plus some of the bands you can purchase are really snazzy. No word on release yet. Bummer.

Microsoft HoloLens


I need a pair of these to add to the Oculus Rift I plan to buy this year. Who needs the real world when you jump between virtual reality with Oculus and “mixed reality” with the holographic headset?

Smart rear-view mirrors


Rumour has it that Nissan is going to be introducing what have been labelled “smart rear-view mirrors” into their cars. Cadillac is also rumoured to be launching the fancy car tech this year as well. It’s pretty rad – you’ll have LCD monitors incorporated into the mirrors to clear and increase your visibility when you’re driving in changing conditions or bad weather. You’ll also be able to switch back and forth if you’d like. Luckily for us, King Price insures vehicles as well.


Very appealling, aren’t they? Well, let us know which one you’d like to get your hands on? And do visit King Price to insure that dream device of yours 😉


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by King Price Insurance. If you’d like to feature your brand on Tech Girl email editor@techgirl.co.za for our rate card and the packages we offer. 

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