DIY Lego Cable Organisers

My desk is constantly a jumble of cables. Be it earphones, charging cables or USB cables – they’re a big jumbled mess. They slide off the desk and I spend a considerable amount of time on Monday morning crawling around trying to plug in everything.

Cable organisers aren’t knew. You can purchase cable organisers or there are a host of DIY Cable Organisers available on Pinterest. It turns out little Lego characters have the ideal sized hands to hold most cables.


Here’s an ingenious idea for DIY Lego Cable Organisers: put a little bit of Prestik on the feet of your favourite Lego characters (I chose Lucy aka Wyldstyle for this little demo) and line them up along the end edge of your desk (you could mix it up with Storm Troopers, Lucy, Emmet and some sort of Pirate, if you were feeling creative). lift their arms and let them organise for you. Funky decor for your office and your very own DIY Lego Cable Organiser sorted!




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