Turn your hard drive into a piece of décor

CES has been under way in Las Vegas this past week. You’d likely have noticed tweets about funky new products you can expect this year. Rather than bore you with product announcements we’ve chosen some of our favourites to feature on the blog.

First up is the gorgeous pairing of French designer Pauline Deltour and Seagate. Pauline works on industrial design projects as well as furniture and jewellery designs. If the name Seagate sounds unfamiliar they’re a data storage company… so think hard drives and portable storage drives.

Think that sounds boring? You’re wrong.


I’m constantly looking for portable hard drives to store data, music and my favourite series. My hard drives get plugged in to my TV in my lounge. Imagine if it didn’t have to be an ugly eyesore? That’s where Pauline comes in. Her mandate was simple turn your hard drive into a piece of décor. She’s partnered with Seagate to design a flagship product for LaCie (the premium brand from Seagate).

LaCie Mirror

The LaCie Mirror is meant to be a piece of fashionable décor as well as a 1TB hard drive. I think they nailed it! No word on when they’ll be in South Africa but this is definitely going on my gadget wish list.

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