Book your next hair appointment on the go

Beauty Salons terrify me. It starts when I have to phone them to make an appointment.

“What would you like done?”

Of course, announcing to the world (and by world I mean my colleagues who reside around my prefab walls) that I require a Bikini or Brazilian Wax and that it has been 4 weeks since my last visit is always tons of fun. This isn’t my only issue. I also always struggle with actually making an appointment. I realise I need my hair done for a wedding the day of said wedding. When I break a nail it needs to be fixed NOW. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but beauty salons aren’t very helpful when it comes to emergency appointments. In times of stress when they feed me the “we’re fully booked” line I have to fight the urge to shout down the phone “but this is an emergency!”.

If you’re nodding in agreement than never fear. I’ve found a local South African app that takes the headache out of hair appointments, manicures and general beauty procedures. It’s an app called Go Beauty. It’s available for iOS and Android. So to start it lists all the local Spas, Beauty salons, hair salons and nail salons… YAWN.


We have Google.

I’m sinking it now to build it up for the big finish, can you tell? Here’s the great thing about Go Beauty. For starters it includes a GPS map so you can see all the salons near you. You’re then able to request and book appointments via the app, so no more embarrassing phone calls! Once you’re done you can also dish out customer rantings. The best part though? There are a stack of promotional offers available via the app and huge discounts on last minute appointments. So I can simply use the app to find salons that have last minute bookings opening up near me, book my treatment and still get a discounted price. I dig it and when you book your next hair appointment on the go you will too!


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