My new favourite fashion accessory – my RED-E PowerBank

Between spending hours of ‘State Importance’ conversations on WhatsApp, trawling my Instagram feed and using my iPhone as my tunes player during gym sessions, my phones battery life hovers somewhere in the red warning zone.

That was until I got my hands on the RED-E Superior PowerBank.


 The lowdown

  • It’s compact and easy on the eyes (it’s the same height as an iPhone 5 and slightly narrower)
  • The micro USB connector tucks into the device to keep it sleek
  • It comes with a range of connectors so works on most devices – even GoPros!
  • The various inputs (USB, Micro USB & 1A) mean you can charge multiple devices at once.
  • The device takes between 4-6 hours to charge fully (from a USB to plug socket)

 The verdict

Power Banks are the new gadget must have. There are so many available and granted, some a lot prettier than this little guy. But honestly? I’ve used a stack of other Power Banks and none have impressed me as much as this one. On a fully charged unit I managed to get two full battery charges on my smartphone. No more being stranded at the airport with a powerless iPhone – I’m now RED-E (see what I did there?) for anything. Well, as long as I remember to charge my PowerBank weekly.

This little bugger is somewhat more expensive than some of the other Power Banks… but I can see why. For a RED-E Superior Edition 4,500mAh Power Bank (ie. the one I was using) you’re going to be spending R599. However, it comes with all these fancy features:

  • 4,500mAh (4.5Ah) Lithium-Polymer battery
  • 4 Pin Adapters (1 Apple 8Pin, 1 Apple 30Pin, 1 Mini USB, 1 Micro USB)
  • Built-In USB cable
  • Micro USB Port
  • 4 LED Power Indicator
  • Micro-SD Card Slot
  • Size: 120.7mm x 41.8mm x 16mm

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