How to fix my smartphone screen

I’ll never forget the day my horse decided to destroy my phone’s screen. It was a quick wake-up call as I learnt how expensive screen repairs are and also, how long they can sometimes take. I didn’t even know where to begin when it came to fixing it, so I went to Twitter to find out how to fix my smartphone screen. With some digging I found Smartlab.

So these guys are a Samsung, LG and Nokia Authorised Service Centre (so they can do warranty repairs and are far quicker at getting your phone back to you than your service provider – who will likely tell you to wait a month like they did to me). They’re also able to repair Apple, Blackberry, Sony and HTC products (but not warranty claims).

My biggest headache was that everyone I rang about repairing my phone wanted to send it away. It meant I was looking at two to three weeks with no phone. I can only presume they were planning on sending the phone to Smartlab, because they offer a much quicker turn-around time and a delivery service to any location in SA. You can expect free delivery if you’re within 5km of their regional offices as well. So you actually never have to leave your office and you can get your phone repaired quickly, easily and most importantly – AFFORDABLY.

Here’s some other interesting information relating to smartphone repairs (smashed screens are the most common repair – go figure!):

Repairs to Smartphones


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