Web Developers & Graphic Designers – want to win R15 000?

There’s this rad 100K Challenge hosted by Entelect which happens every year. It’s an incredible competition that pits South Africa’s best coders and amateur coders against one another. Now, if coding isn’t your thing but designing kick ass graphics and vibrant visuals is… you could win R15 000 courtesy of the 100K Challenge.

This year they’ve introduced a Gooey Award for a slick, functional, innovative (I hate that word) and generally rad Gaming User Interface. You can use any tools and any technology. Just make sure it can be used in a web-browser or on a Windows based PC (sorry Apple fans). The winner pockets 15k. Not bad right?

To get all the important entry details click here. To find out a bit more about the 100K Challenge, read this. 

100k challenge 2

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