The fitness tech stuff you REALLY need

If we’re really honest with ourselves, we can all get our sweat (and daily endorphin high) without tech and gadgets. That said we live in a modern world dammit, one brimming with modern marvels which make our lives just that much easier (and admittedly at times a bit more complicated. Reading tone over Whatsapp anyone?! Anyway…)

Here’s my current list of fitness tech goodies that I think are more constructive than they are clutter…


The app that we no longer talk about because it’s become so entrenched in our daily lives – it’s just there. From waking up in the morning to commuting to work, itunes is where it’s at. Exercise is better with music.



In a symbiotic relationship with number 1 on this list, headphones are an underrated item that are pretty affordable. They deserve more street cred.



An oldie but a goodie. It’s free, platform friendly and can be used to track routes via GPS. There are lots of other running apps on the app market, but RunKeeper has been consistently great and so, it’s my go to. Let’s also not forget about the apps instant social media bragging rights functionality.


The Fitness Watch

Okay, so not strictly “an essential” although it’s always good to have the time readily at hand (no pun intended). The world of fitness watches has changed in the past year or so. Gone are the days of enduring the torture of having to wear an unattractive fitness watch. Apart from tracking distances, cadence, routes, calories burnt and telling the time, the likes of the TomTom Runner and Garmin Forerunner are making exercise related wrist bling, a thing.


My Fitness Pal

For the calorie conscious, My Fitness Pal is the simple nutritional tracker/food journal. It remembers what you consume most frequently and aims to help you reach your nutritional goals.


Runtastic Fitness Armband

If you’re reading this, you’re into fitness tech – or at least want to be. That means your phone never leaves your side. Enter the Runtastic Fitness armband. It fits all standard smartphones, such as: iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, HTC One, Nokia Lumia, etc. and it’s transparent screen is designed so that your device is still fully functional while strapped to your arm. Not only great while at the gym but full mobile access while you do ANYTHING (vacuuming the house?) – score. I’ve tried other bands and haven’t found one I love as much…yet.


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