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Landing an esports sponsorship

Season 2 Episode 5 Part 1 of Tech Girl Talks Podcast

I host a podcast series called Tech Girl Talks were I discuss topical issues facing the gaming and esports industry globally. There is a new episode out and this one is actually divided in to two parts – simply because there was just so much information to share and I wanted to do the topic justice. If you’re looking to land an esports sponsorship, or wondering why the sponsorships you’ve secured aren’t working, this is the episode you need to listen to.

Landing an esports sponsorship

tech girl talks podcast

I get a stack of direct messages from people asking me how they get sponsored. I also do work directly with brands and am often perplexed by their requirements or what they need from me during an esports broadcast. So I figured the best way to educate myself was to hunt down some of the best in the business to give me a little bit of insight… and then I did. For this episode, Part 1 specifically, I decided to focus specifically on the “brand” side and find out what brands look for when they decide to spend money on sponsorships – be it on esports tournaments or teams. Part 2 will take a look at what a successful tournament operator offers to ensure brand support.

Insight from brand side

tech girl talks podcast

Tim Ashton is the Global Esports Account Manager for Steel Series and kindly offered to share the knowledge he has personally garnered over the last few years on the episode. You’ll get some really candid feedback on a host of issues that I think can aid anyone looking to land a sponsorship or, if you’re looking to enter the esports space as a brand, how best to navigate the new terrain. Tim is fascinating to listen to and tons of fun as well. He’ll have you hooked on his words from the get go!

Here are a few things we focus on in Part 1 of Episode 5 of Tech Girl Talks:

  • Why would a brand sponsor esports
  • Getting your sponsorship pitch right
  • What ROI actually looks like for a brand
  • Reporting metrics and what needs to change


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