Life hack: don’t store your diamonds on your forehead

You know how face tattoos are a thing? Well rapper Lil Uzi Vert raised the face tattoo and put his $24m diamond (which he has been paying off since 2017) on his forehead. And the reason for doing so? So that he wouldn’t lose it. But it didn’t last long, because, and I am not making this up, he lost it!

Facebook has taken things literally and you can now wear Facebook on your face. Introducing Facebook Ray-Ban Stories. And just so you sleep better at night, Facebook has promised that your privacy is very important to them.

Roblox, the build your own reality game now has strip clubs. These obviously aren’t approved by the game makers, but you can buy lap dances using Robux. But if you’re thinking this is the next OnlyFans think again. You make about 50 Robux which is about $1 a day.


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