Incredible Connection FIFA21 Charity Event

The Incredible Connection FIFA21 Charity Event

Incredible Connection All Star Gaming has partnered with  esports and content creation hub Mettlestate to give back to the community this weekend.  In the wake of the All Star FIFA21 tournament, the tech giant has gathered some of the best  players on both Xbox and PlayStation to participate in a charity tournament on 18 September. There will be two games: one on Xbox, and one on Playstation. Each winner will get to decide  on the charity which will receive R10 000 in donations – which means that R20 000 in total  will be donated this weekend. Additionally, there will be FOUR great prizes up for grabs. 

Four of the best FIFA21 players in the country will be taking to the virtual pitch once more to  win the prize for the charity of their choice: 


Aasim “Boredm84223” Lamara will take on Kaylan “KaylanYT” Moodley


Deevak “DawieRoodt” Dhanjee will take on Riaasat “REEbrahimovic” Ebrahim

Gift of the Givers, Hope and Help Foundation and the Islamic Relief SA organisation are just some of the charities that will be represented by the players.

Incredible Connection FIFA21 Charity Event

These four incredible gamers are all excited to be part of an event that can contribute to the  community and relieve hardships felt across the country. Riaasat “REEbrahimovic“ Ebrahim  feels honoured to be a part of this initiative: “I am in total support of giving back to those in  need. Having this opportunity is immense for me as it’s something that I value truly at heart,  should I win I hope to inspire that young individual towards seeing that gamers do support those in need”.  

This charity event is going to be casted and presented by Sam “Tech Girl” Wright and Sean  “Snare” Rihlamvu. “All Star Gaming has run a host of great esports events that celebrate the  teams, players and fans. Being able to get all of us together to do something great for charities that have faced tough times is just the next step in building community. I’m extremely passionate about the South African FIFA community & players – so being able to do some good  AND get to showcase the mad skills on offer from our FIFA stars… well it’s a perfect way to  spend the day!”, says Wright. Rihlamvu elaborates on this, “We often talk about community  building in esports, but part of that should include helping people who find themselves falling  between the cracks of that community. Charitable events like this give us a chance as a gaming  community to give back the society that allows us to be here in the first place.”  

Incredible Connection FIFA21 Charity Event

Incredible Connection is doing the most to get their name in the esports scene, and it’s a  strategy that is working very well. They’re all about creating competition, entertainment and  prizes to build the community even more. All Star Gaming isn’t just here for a few  tournaments. They’re here for the bigger picture. As the leader in tech in SA, they’re investing  in giving back to not only gamers, but also the community as a whole. As Aasim  “Boredm84223” Lamara puts it, “these charity events are important as it helps support these  small organizations to make a big difference in this world”. 

You can be a part of the action by joining us on the Incredible Connection All Star Gaming  Twitch channel. The stream will be live from 4pm – 7pm on 18 September 2021. 

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