Golf GTI launch app

Want to drive the new Golf 8 GTI? Play this game

Volkswagen South Africa is dropping the latest generation of the Golf GTI pretty soon and they’ve found a way to use gaming to help amplify the launch – sort of. There will be a bunch of events around South Africa but if you want tickets you’ll need to play the #GTI8OnTour mobile game.

Golf GTI launch app

Basically, you download the app from Apple or Android and then need to record a fast time on the virtual streets. Fast times get you on the national leader board and a fast time also can bag you a ticket to one of the real life launch events.

Golf GTI launch app

If you attend the event it also means you’ll be able to drive the Golf 8 GTI. The real life event will let you go quick fast, do a hot lap with an advanced driving instructor and then join in a car meet where car people hang around talking about cars (but also there is food and stuff).

Golf GTI launch app

The launch events are happening in October so you’ll need to get racing on the app now to secure your spot. There will be events in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. There are no limits to how many times you can enter on the app and you’ll also be able to bag a bunch of weekly prizes if you find yourself on the national leaderboards. Those prizes include GTI branded merch, advanced driving experiences and even tyres. also tyres are expensive so this is useful!

For more information on #GTI8OnTour and to download the app, visit http://golfgti8.onelink.me/CoRl/57881e5.

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