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The 5 best announcements from the Nintendo Direct

Surprise! Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct on 17 February. It is the first time in nearly a year that Nintendo went full out and dropped what they’re planning to bring to the Nintendo Switch this year. If you own the magical little handheld console then you’re in for a treat in 2021 because the games coming are going to keep you busy for months.

There are 5 specific announcements from the Nintendo Direct that had me hyped and that I’ve booked marked because I’m DEFINITELY getting my hands on these games. Here are the 5 best announcements from Nintendo Direct:


Splatoon 2 was easily one of my favourite games on the Switch and I’m so incredibly excited that Splatoon 3 is on the way. Granted, it will likely drop in 2022, but it definitely has me hyped. South Africa has a really rad group of Splatoon 2 players and I’ve had the honour of working on the European Championships, so I know Europe has a stack of talent as well. I’m so excited for this one.


Knockout City is a new game releasing on Switch and other platforms on 21 May – the day before my birthday. I absolutely LOVE the look of this game and think it is going to be one to keep me busy. Dodgeball streams anyone? I love the vibe and it is from the same developers who did Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, so I have no doubt it is going to be a goodie.


Everyone’s favourite jelly beans are coming to the Switch! There isn’t a date yet, but in the Direct it was mentioned that we should expect it in the Summer of 2021, which is South African winter. Have you ever played Fall Guys with a keyboard and mouse? I have and it is horrible. I cannot wait to finally grab a crown using joycons. I’m first in line for this game.


Star Wars Hunters comes from Zynga studios, who have made games like Farmville and Words with Friends (so probably that stuff your mom is playing). They’re currently working on a new Star Wars shooter which will be coming to the Switch. Star Wars Hunters will be coming to the Switch and will be free to play (YAY!). It is a competitive shooter and squad-based. If you’re a fan of the franchise – this game is set between the events of Star Wars Episode VI and Episode VII.


Animal Crossing New Horizons kept me alive during lockdown. I relied on that game in a really dark time for myself and the rest of the world. It sucked hours from me and I willingly gave every minute. It has been awhile since I visited my island but that is probably going to change on March 1st, because Mario items are going to be available in game! The collab will see a host of Mario items, furniture and costumes available for purchase in the Nook Shop. The game will also have a free update on February 25th.

Several Mario-themed items and furniture will be purchasable via the Nook Shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons beginning March 1st. Nintendo also confirmed that a free update will arrive on February 25th.

My Nintendo Switch is still my favourite console. It has kept me company when stuck in international airports waiting for flights, it has been a companion on holiday and on my couch. I’m so excited for some of the games coming to the Switch. Thank you Nintendo, your Direct has all us Switch fans HYPED! 


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