#Borrowing on TikTok is stealing IRL

Because hashtag stealing is just a little too honest

There are only 119 days until Christmas. There is only 35% left of 2020. And I started watching Selling Sunset on Netflix last weekend and am going to finish it this weekend. I always have to be so careful about which trashy reality TV series I start because I really do commit. And now this…

#Borrowing on TikTok is actually stealing IRL

TikTokers (is that even a thing?) are sharing tips on how to shoplift under the hashtag borrowing. While shoplifting is nothing new (ask Winona Ryder), as with most things these days, posting about it for the world to see is.

The #Borrowing has been viewed 88.6m times.

While Tokers share tips on how to remove tags or what to wear or how to act if you get caught, what I don’t understand is, how in this day and age with security cams and advanced tech they are beating the system? Suppose that is what the # is all about. Also, you know you are old when you use the phrase “in this day and age”. I turn 36 next month so I think it’s OK if I use it.

Speaking of feeling old…

Millennial Pink for who?

Cue the Pink Panther theme tune in your mind…ready?

Move over Millennial Pink there is a new hue in town and it’s called Pink Panther Pink. 

The Chrome Dino game but with weapons

When there is no internet, Chrome lets you play a fun dinosaur jumping game. If you want to play it without going offline, type in chrome://dino/.

But now you can play it with weapons. Introducing Dino Swords. 

Jump up to collect weapons and use them by pressing the corresponding letter.

So that’s the rest of your day planned then. Click here to play Dino Swords. You know you want to.

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