Here’s how to find out how long it will take you to binge watch a series

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another edition of Bytesized. If you really want a laugh, scroll down to the Funny Tweet section. These tweets have had me laughing for days, especially the apple one. So let’s jump right now, here’s all the internet news you need to know this week.

?Chip Fingers. It’s a thing

I thought the whole point of eating chips was that you get to lick your fingers afterwards, but turns out I was mistaken. Chip Fingers are finger guards for eating chips. You can easily grab your chip without getting the crumbs all over your fingers. These work for Doritos, Nik Naks, Cheese Curls and the like.

chip fingers

?️This machine guesses what you are doodling

Quickdraw works like this. You have 20 seconds to draw an object. And while you are drawing it the machine will try and guess what it is. I was using my computer and I don’t use a mouse, so my doodles were extra special. I can’t believe it guessed a mosquito and a soccer ball.

?Chartreuse. Say what?

Is it a fancy name for a chart? A new French movie about a depressed girl who falls in love with a baguette? Neither. It is actually Etsy’s Colour of the Year 2020. It’s also a legit colour that I only learned about today. It is a colour between yellow and green that was named after a green French liqueur called green chartreuse, introduced in 1764.


?Pepsi made its own diamond. It’s your move Coke

Pepsi grew its own diamond in a lab from Crystal Pepsi. I wonder what a Coke diamond would look like or even better a Sauvignon Blanc one?

I wrote a review for MasterClass and explain why I love it (also it’s not a scam)

?Ever wondered how long it would take you to get through an entire season of a series?

I have a few shows I re-watch all the time. And there are quite a few shows that I haven’t started yet because I know that if I do so, my whole weekend will be gone. It’s all or nothing for me when it comes to binge-worthy shows.

This website allows you to type in a TV show and find out how many hours it would take to watch a series. 

  • Game of Thrones 3 days, 9 hours and 48 minutes
  • Friends 7 days and 20 minutes
  • Peppa Pig 8 days, 2 hours and 20 minutes

how long would it take to watch a series

?These are really funny tweets


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