Tired of struggling to buy gifts? Here’s how to fix that

I first found out about Wistper when we were put in touch to chat about working together for Team South Africa for the Overwatch World Cup. I was immediately intrigued by the offering from this online platform and decided to check it out. Wistper is pretty straight forward: It’s a gift registry.

Plain and simple. You make a wish list and then share it with your friends. Much like any online store registry you’ve likely come across.

The difference?

For starters, most registries only allow you to set them up for special occasions like a wedding. You’ll need to select a time frame and the registry closes after a specific point. You’re also limited with your registry to the products in the store you’re shopping on.

Wistper doesn’t limit you. You’re able to set up a gift list and leave it live for as long as you need.

You can add items from anywhere and aren’t limited to products featured on the site. You add the items. You can also add experiences if you like, which is pretty rad.

Using it

The platform has only recently launched so there is still new functionality that needs to be added. However, it is relatively straight forward to use at the moment. You can log in with your email address or via your Facebook account. You then set up your profile which is super quick and start adding items. Adding gifts is a bit of a drag because you’ll need to manually fill in links, pics and pricing. But I now add stuff as I see things and it isn’t all that bad. You can then rate the gift – So I try rate things I really want higher than things that I think are “nice to have”. You’re also able to archive gifts you don’t want to receive any more or mark them as received.

Once you have a list you can name it and then get to creating the next one. This is really cool because you can obviously create different lists depending on your needs. I have a dream list and am thinking of starting a “Games Only” list etc. So there are different themes. Most importantly, only friends can see your list. So you can invite them, just tell them to sign up and once they’ve done that, search for their name, send them a friend request and sorted.

Why I’m using this

The concept of Wistper is simple. The platform itself is simple. It’s an online gift list or wish list. And it works perfectly. With the festive season around the corner I needed this. I know I’m difficult to buy gifts for so this is a great way to share what I’m looking for but more importantly, I’m going to convince all my loved ones to sign up and make a list – so that gifting becomes ten times easier as all the information I need will be right there. I’ve also started using it as my own personal list of things I’m looking to get my hands on or items I plan to purchase for myself – I use Wistper as a reminder.

If you want to sign up then head on over here. Also if you’d like to add me as a friend search for TechGirlZA. Who knows, maybe there is something on your gift list that I can help you with! 

Disclosure: This post was NOT paid for. However, Wistper is one of the sponsors for Team South Africa who is competing in the Overwatch World Cup and that is how I came to hear of their site. I am the General Manager for Team South Africa. 

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