I’ve never been that “girly girl” that understands how to dress for her body shape or even knows how to use a ghd to curl her hair. For years I didn’t even own proper foundation! My make up bag consisted of 3 eye shadows, mascara, loose powder and that was it. Not even a lipstick was owned. I’ve had to change that because of the nature of my job. Understanding what works for my hair, my body and looking after my skin is now an actual thing that I need to be cognisant of. However, I’ve not been able to do this alone.

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I wanted to share how I was able to find my inner woman and learn about all these little things. Of course, none of this matters. What is important is being comfortable in your own skin and on the days when I’m not in front of a camera I don’t wear make up and live in yoga pants and funky T-Shirts. However, there is something rather rad about being glammed up. For the most part, my esports hosting jobs have make up artists and talented people who do all the work – transitioning me from geek to glam. But along the way I’ve learnt a few things and I thought I’d share them with you below. I’ve also mentioned 3 companies I use in South Africa. Before a few ugly trolls pop up – I use my own money and pay these companies for their services and/or products.

Your skin is NB!

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The biggest lesson I’ve learnt, and it came around late, was how important skin care is. Skin is unforgiving and you need to take care of it. It is impossible to hide the truth from showing up on your skin. Think about it: sit in the sun too long? Ate rubbish all weekend? PMSing? I don’t know about you but my skin tends to show me up. Even with a talented make up artist, hiding black circles and bad spot outbreaks isn’t easy. I also find hiding them tends to make them worst. So, I try not wear make up where ever possible. If I can avoid it I do and rather let my skin breathe. I’m also a huge advocate for RegimA skin products. I swear by them as part of my routine. For the days where you just can’t help it and your skin is blotchy or you’re just feeling blagh, my magic go to is the Urban Decay Self-Adjusting Soft-Focus Effect Complexion Primer. It is so good and works wonders. Finally, I spend a considerable about of time at the Laser Beautique. They have a host of various treatments that I find just give my skin the boost it needs, especially if I have a crazy work schedule. I don’t trust anyone except Rochelle from the Melrose Arch Salon to touch my eyebrows and she is usually my go to for advice if I’m not happy with skin.

Hair Extensions FTW

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I wear hair extensions. My hair is naturally a dark mousy brown colour and it is also fine. I mean I have lots of hair on my head but it is very fine. Nico, from XOXO Hair Studio, is the only person who has touched my hair for the last 2 and a half years. Before him I would change colours monthly and the quality of my hair was horrible. It was dry and constantly breaking. From the moment I met him (after I arrived at his salon trying to convince him to turn my hair silver!) I’ve had a complete change of heart regarding my hair. Healthy hair is SO more sexy than colour damaged hair. Nico feels strongly that I look better as a blonde and I kind of agree. However, to get a full blonde effect he was worried that regular hair dying would cause immense damage – so he suggested extensions. I was completely against these in the beginning as I thought they’d be a mission to look after but not at all the case. They’re also taped in so there is minimal damage to my real hair. Now, I look super blonde without having to bleach!

Dressing for your body

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This is something I’m still horrible at. However, I’ve met a lot of women along the way who feel the same so I figured this deserved a section. I’m not good at choosing fashion forward clothing that makes me look good. I’m very self conscious of my body and tend to dress to “cover” flaws instead of celebrate the bits I love. That, combined with my geekiness, means I have a very specific style that is sometimes hard to communicate (for me, anyway). I want to be glam and celebrate being a fearless female but I also don’t know how to communicate that in hoodies and Converse sneakers. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had a chance to speak to people in the fashion and entertainment industry and try get an understanding of how to combine my favourites (the Converse) with a bit of glam. Even then I still get it wrong. However, I recently found Dress and Dare and this adorable boutique has changed my life. I don’t have to be fearful of clothes not fitting me – they cater for all sizes. I also LOVE that their garments have a no fuss approach to them. The photo you see in this post, of the turquoise floral type long sleeve shirt? That’s made out of TRACKSUIT material. It is super comfy. The pink blouse I wore for the semi finals of Contenders Season 2 was also made from T-shirt material. I love the laid back fabrics and cuts combined with gorgeous embellishments and chic finishes. You can buy online but the ladies in store or so helpful with styling and suggestions – definitely pop through for a visit if you can.

I’m not sure if this is going to help anyone but hopefully there is some inspiration in here or useful advice. I know how hard it was for me to come out of my shell and try celebrate the physical stuff over trying to ignore it. If you’re in the same boat maybe these suggestions will help you row along. 

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