Try to get through this post without at least cracking a smile

Last weekend I binge-listened to The Couple Next Door audiobook as well as watched Love Island (I wanted to see what all the fuss was about – it’s bad reality TV so that makes it really good) while sewing. I haven’t sewed in a while so the unpicker and I became well acquainted. It was so nice to do something that wasn’t for work and was just for fun. Kind of like reading Bytesized. ? Here’s all the stuff I found hilarious on the interwebs this week – see if you can get through this post without smiling.

?Stop confusing alpacas with llamas and vice versa

Consider this a public service announcement. Here is a handy chart to ensure that you never forget the difference.

?This lady knows how to work it

You know you’ve made it when Missy Elliot tells you you’ve nailed her own song.

?Take a look at these photos & then enjoy having nightmares for the rest of your life

This is the premise for a horror movie right here. I don’t know what makes ventriloquist dummies so creepy, but they are.


Here are some tweets I thought were worth sharing this week:

?When you need to aim higher in the pretend world

?This or the call the manager haircut

?First, they take our jobs now our fun…

If you’re looking for something to read that is funny and educational, check out this month’s book club pick The Best Dick. 

So how did you do? 

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